Friday, July 24, 2009

Craft: Cat Ears

Most days my daughters are nowhere to be found, instead there are rabbits, puppy dogs and sometimes cheetah's roaming the house. But most often, there are these kittens that slink around. They get themselves into positively downright silly situations. They climb on everything and then I have to shoo them away with a commanding, "Get down from there." They're always hungry and thirsty so I'm constantly putting more food out for them. It really is quite a job taking care of such frisky, finicky animals. They purr and climb and sometimes snuggle up to me. Every now and again their claws come out and they fight, which I guess is what siblings do, even in the feline community.

Yes, my girls have quite the imagination. Yesterday their nanny had a brilliant idea to help make these kittens really come to life -- she made them cat ears using felt, cotton balls, a medium sized hair clip and a glue gun. So precious.

This is my Friday post so I'll be taking it easy this weekend -- you'll hear from me again on Monday where I will post a scrumptious M&C recipe. For those of you not in the know, M&C is code for Macaroni and Cheese.

In the meantime, over the weekend I'll be nestled under some magnificent shady tree in a tank top and breezy cotton skirt inhaling Sunset, Better Homes and Gardens, Fresh Homes and Dwell magazines whilst sipping lemonade or some sort of summertime coolness.

Enjoy the weekend and I'll chat with you soon.

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