Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Surprise Fresh Gift

Yesterday a cute, but curious package arrived on my front porch. The chartreuse tissue and colorful bows are just begging to be ripped open.

Ahhhh!! I couldn't believe my eyes. I blogged about these very same glass votive candle holders several weeks ago and wished on a lucky star that someday I would own them, and poof, here they are. Sorry about the kid's slide and picnic table in the background. Oh and even further apologies for the brown lawn. How embarrassing.

Tonight these beauties alighted my Japanese Dogwood tree that sits directly in front of my front porch. I also placed one on the porch. This photo isn't great, I know, but I so desperately wanted to show you them in action that I posted a picture anyways. Albeit, terrible picture, but a picture nonetheless.

You can't tell from the photo but this tree is just to the left of our walkway as you ascend the front steps to our home. Oh how I wish I knew more about photography, or at least, more about shooting at night.

Kim of Kim Graphics Design Studios, Inc. purchased these candle holders while sitting in the comforts of her Jacksonville, Florida home. Fresh, here in Seattle was kind enough to hand deliver the gift themselves. Now that's customer service. Great products and great service, what more can you ask for.

Kim is such an amazing person. I thank her with all my heart for all that she does. She truly is one of a kind. Thank you immensely; I will certainly cherish these for many summer nights to come.


  1. What a great friend! And Kim, if you're reading this, I've been coveting an electric scooter I saw last week at EC Electric.

    And I don't apologize for a brown lawn -- that's the way lawns are supposed to look during the summer in Seattle. :-)

  2. Those are beautiful! I want some!! Love the color. How pretty they look at night hanging down. I just passed by that store yesterday morning on my way in to work and as I've said a million other times, "I need to go in there!" What a lovely gift! Hmmm, me thinks me needs some of my own.