Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Sushi Dinner

I am still without a proper camera so I apologize for the foggy images. I had to use my less than trusty mobile phone to capture these pictures.

Tonight I decided to treat my girls to Green Tea, homemade sushi and Chicken Teriyaki. . . sorta. I'll have to admit that I cheated a bit on the sushi. Yes, I cooked the rice, assembled and rolled the sushi but the sushi rice mix was straight from a pouch. It's the easiest way to make sushi and it taste good too.

You can't tell from the photos, but some of the dishes and bowls are quite lovely. The girls felt like they were getting a fancy meal because we used "real" breakable stuff, rather than their everyday plastic cups and plates.

I'm glad we shared this dinner tonight. While filling our tummy's, we talked about the food and practiced using chopsticks. We talked about hot vs. spicy while sampling the pickled ginger and wasasbi paste. It was such a civilized meal. I think I'll do it again soon.


  1. post recipes, please! Sounds fun!

  2. Oishisoo, Maya! Sammy and Alex are lucky to have such a fun Mom!

  3. RECIPES! (Specifically for the teryaki chicken and those other things on the sushi plate - I've seen them before, can't remember their name). I love using the "real" plates too!

  4. I actually used a bottled teriyaki sauce that I bought from Trader Joe's called Soyaki. It's really good. I marinated the chicken breast for about an hour before cooking it stovetop on medium heat. It came out really good. However, for much better results, grill the chicken instead. The grill carmelizes the sugar and brings out the flavor better. Also, I dig those grill marks because it makes for a nice summery presentation. Thanks for your comments I really do read, and appreciate them.