Monday, August 24, 2009

Summer Vacation

We couldn't resist visiting our state's capital in Olympia.

Once we arrived in Portland, we grabbed a bite to eat at Old Town Pizza

After pizza, Sammy lost another tooth while eating a red vine. She had just lost one the day before.

We finally arrived at the beach where the explorers went to work on finding all sorts of sea creatures.

I love this picture. It was my favorite day on the beach.

The Newport Aquarium is magnificent!! The indoor/outdoor exhibits are amazing. The Northwest Modern architecture is stunning.

The delicate blown glass is in every tank. It was hard for me to focus on the sea life with so many glass sculptures on display.

And of course there was salt water taffy. Sammy used her Tooth Fairy money to buy a bag of candy that she shared with her little sister. How sweet.

Surf shops are everywhere along the coast so we visited as many of them as possible.

In Portland there is a skateboard shop called, Daddies Superior Snow and Skate. My husband loves this place so we visited there on the way in to Portland and on the way out.

I have so many photos to share with you but I think these give you a nice glimpse into how we spent our vacation. I can't wait until next summer.

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  1. Looks like you had a great time, Maya.

    I grew up visiting the Newport Aquarium, but it sure looks like it's changed for the better!