Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The First Day of School

Last night I put forth my best effort at being a really good mommy. I got my little Sam Sam {as we sometimes call her around here} all packed up and ready for her first day as a 1st Grader.

My goal this school year is to get organized. I know, sounds cliche doesn't it. But it's true. I've been very lucky to have had a nanny for the past 3 years which has made organization a non issue, but now that my littlest one Alejandra {as we sometimes call her around here} is spending more time in preschool, 3 mornings a week, I have less need for a full-time nanny which then leaves me with many more responsibilities. This morning, as a special first day of school breakfast, I made chocolate chip pancakes with a side of turkey bacon. A good hearty meal -- good brain/energy food. As we stepped out into a quiet pleasant morning -- no jackets required, we watched buses weave in and out of our block and listened to front doors shut as children poured out of their homes.

Sammy posed willingly for the camera and didn't show any signs of having first day of school jitters.

Once we entered the school, it was pure chaos. The ratio of parents to children seemed to be equal thus making for an arduous journey to Sammy's classroom.
The classroom was a far cry from the peace and serenity of the outdoors. The chaos continued in a cordoned off space, the classroom, as parents navigated their way in-between an array of tiny desks. Camera's were going off everywhere and the constant chatter of everyone transformed the English language into mush. Then with quiet calm and conviction, as only an experienced teacher can do, came these nurturing words, "Parents. {pause} It's time to say good-bye. {pause} We'll see you this afternoon." A subtle indication that it was time for all adults to go home.
I'll admit that I got a little misty watching my Sam Sam struggle to take it all in. At this point, she was no longer willing to smile for the camera. First day of school jitters finally set in. I left her in this state knowing that her teacher and school chums would make it all better. I know she'll do just fine . . .
. . . and she did.


  1. nice post. i'm glad sammy had such a great first day.

  2. Such cute pictures! Sammy is so brave! And tell her I like her backpack :)