Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Organizing Binders

I really like paper and office supplies. I can spend nearly all day in an Office Depot or Impress salivating over it all. This weekend I had a craft craving and went to both stores to get supplies. I bought binders from Office Depot and paper from Impress. I made a binder for my recipes since they've never really been properly organized. I also made a binder for that contains all the household managment information. Very handy.

I used the dried flowers that the girls and their nanny made to embellish the front of the binder.

More paper. . .

While I was busily crafting, Alex managed to get into the pantry and spill a bag of mini marshmallows. Amazing how much that little squirrel can store away in those cheeks. I cleaned up most of them, but she really did manage to scarf down a bunch.

Oh and this is what my recipe binder used to look like. Terrible I know.


  1. I love this idea, much nicer than then knitting one I made a long time ago, and my recipe one is just a dull old black cheap binger stuffed with recipes.

  2. Maya this is brilliant. I have some binders for recipes and this will make them so pretty. I also want to make one for Liam's school drawings. Tks for the wonderful idea!