Tuesday, September 15, 2009

What a Mess

Yesterday, all was quiet while Alex played at the counter with Play-Doh and Sammy played on the floor with pegboards and beads. I was able to make dinner in peace. It's so nice to see my children playing contentedly and independently. Sammy is so good with these beads -- keeping them nicely contained on the pegboards.
. . . then Sammy decided to help me clean up the counter leaving Alex alone with the pegboards and tiny beads.
. . . then the beads ended up everywhere. No longer were they neatly contained on the pegboards. Alex managed to get them all over the family room/kitchen floor. Did I mention that these beads are awfully tiny? I should have known not to leave Alex alone with this project.

This was a big job to clean up, but someone had to do it.


  1. Ah, this is why I kept stepping on these things last night.

  2. I saw your post yesterday, so today I asked Alex today if she ever made a mess at home.

    She said, "No."

    I said, "Don't you even get beads on the floor?"

    She gave me the biggest smile, "Yes." She knew she was busted! =)