Friday, October 2, 2009

Halloween Cards to Calm the Nerves

I hadn't planned on making Halloween cards yesterday but my girls were so wound up that I had to find them something tranquil to do. Earlier in the week I had made a trip to Impress and found all sorts of wonderful Halloween'ish goodies and so I was well equipped to embarke on this impromtu craft project.

I had come home from a busy day at the office and a craft project was just what the doctor ordered. We really did find peace gathered around the dining room table. Normally around this time I would have been preparing dinner, but for a day like yesterday, dinner would have to wait. Besides, I brought home Corn Dogs fresh from the grocery store freezer section. Quick, simple and easy. There was no need to rush away from our project.

The girls collaborated well, sharing 1 glue stick, 2 rubber stamps, 2 ink pads and 1 package of ghost stickers.

Sammy really made an effort to measure and place each scrap of paper exactly where she wanted. I think she was super proud of herself for crafting her very own Halloween card.

I really got into too.

Once the craft project was over, the girls sat down to piping hot Corn Dogs and veggies. Then they proceeded to run amok until well after bedtime. It was a rough evening let me tell you. I'm glad the craft project was there to give us a short period of quiet.

I hope to bring you many more holiday craft and cooking/baking ideas throughout this month. But before I get to all of that, tomorrow we're driving down to Portland to cheer my husband on as he runs in the Portland Marathon. He's been training for months so we're all crazy excited for him. While there, I hope to do a little tax free shopping too. I'll be back on Monday with images from the race.

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Oh my gosh, such cute cards! The girls of course are adorable and GOOOO JON!!! Good luck and have fun you guys!

  2. These are awesome, Maya!

    And to paraphrase Sammy: Whatever you do, Jon, don't lose! =)