Monday, October 19, 2009

Quick Asian Stir Fry

Some days you just want dinner to be quick, tasty and satisfying. This Asian Stir Fry took very little time and tasted great. Just cook rice, bag of frozen vegetables, 2 chicken breasts and 2 eggs.

I'm sure you can spend hours perfecting a stir fry sauce from scratch but that would take all day. The alternative would be to go to your local grocery store and pick up a bottle of this.

I browned the chicken separately and then set it aside. Then I stir fried the vegetables, set aside. Scrambled 2 eggs and then threw everything back into the frying pan and drizzled with about a 1/3 of the sauce. I poured the entire mixture over hot rice and was done.

You can also buy a bunch of fresh vegetables, clean and chop them up, or you can buy a bag of this.

Dinner was served in less than 30 minutes.

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  1. Also good w/oyster sauce (my kids will even eat it) & noodles - equally quick.