Sunday, December 20, 2009

Cookie Decorating Party

My friend Lori threw a spectacular Cookie Decorating Party yesterday and it was so relaxing and fun {no kids, no men folk -- just us ladies}. Lori had everything done before the guests arrived. She baked somewhere around 8 dozen cookies {both gingerbread and sugar}of all shapes and sizes.

Lori had each guest bring cookie decorating sprinkles and icing.

I love this idea. Lori filled these bottles with the Royal Icing she made. It made cookie decorating mess free. I'm stealing this idea by the way. I think my girls will have a better time with these rather than using pastry bags.

Everyone participated. With so many cookie decorators involved we managed to put together a beautiful assortment of colorful cookies.

At the end of the night we each got to take home the cookies we decorated.

Here's one I made. I'd show you the others but they are sad and pathetic looking. I think this one was my best work.

Someone more creative did these. I love the dresses and hair.

Thanks Lori for the fun afternoon. You did a great job putting this together and I can't wait until you do it again. Next year perhaps?


  1. what a neat and fun idea! Wow, I'd love to do that but as you know, dog hair is a condiment in my place is you're not careful.

  2. Fun, fun, fun. I'm going to do this with the boys this week and I can't wait. I bought some plastic bottles too. Saw it in Martha Stewart.