Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Golden Nuggets

If you're looking for that perfect Christmas gift for your little darlings, look no further. Golden Books are timeless gems that are sure to please the most finicky young ears. And don't let the book size fool you. These books contain lenghty stories that are sure to please young readers as well as beginners.

Consider these books as abbreviated versions of the full length original. It's a great way to introduce characters as they progress to chapter books.

And the illustrations are magnificent.

I found most of these at a garage sale but you can also find them at independent book stores or online. City People's in my neck of the woods also has a good assortment to choose from.

Cinderella and Snow White are my favorite.

I hope you pick a few of these up to stuff in stockings or tuck under the tree. I promise you that they will be your child's favorite for years to come.


  1. I still have a bunch from my childhood and presumably some were my parents. Charlie now loves to read them with us and it is so fun to share them with him.

  2. I had that Golden Book of Heidi and had forgotten about it!! We have several Golden Books on our children's book shelf. My kids have had various spurts of focused interest in "The Monster At The End of This Book" and one that I can't recall the name of but is full of sounds that things and animals and people make.

  3. Andrea, Snow White is the book I found under my pillow when I lost my very first tooth. When I saw it amongst all the other books at the garage sell I was thrilled to be able to share it with my kids. It's exactly as I remember it.

    Eternal Lizdom, we have that one too, "The Monster At The End of This Book". I'll read it and let my girls turn the page and then I'll yell, "YOU TURNED THE PAGE!" and they crack up even though we've done this about a zillion times -- they still get a kick out of it.