Monday, December 7, 2009

Stories That Moved Me and A Craft Project

Thank you Teacher Tom!
Yesterday my daughter's preschool teacher wrote a blog post about my daughter Alex. He wrote the post in response to the post I wrote {here}. I read Teacher Tom's Blog while sitting at Starbucks and was so moved by his words that tears instantly began trickling down my cheeks. Since I was sobbign in a very public place, I had to compose myself lickity split. Please visit Teacher Tom's Blog {here} to read the article. My children are incredibly fortunate to have him in their lives.

Another blog post that moved me is this one from Julie Howe Gwinn's Blog. Julie is an amazing writer who wrote this sweet post called, Neighborhood Characters. We all have interesting and sometimes quirky characters in our neighborhoods but rarely do you hear anyone talk about them in the way that Julie has so eloquently done on her blog. She's described these odd characters endearingly and points out that these are the folks that make the community. These are the ones that make the lasting impressions and are the ones that we remember years down the road. During this season of giving, think about giving someone a smile as you walk past them. Or giving a tip of your hat to someone passing by. These are the gifts that last an eternity. Please travel over to Julie's blog {here}. I"ve already read the article three times.

Changing Subjects - Christmas Wreath
I made a wreath on Saturday. It's not much, in fact my husband thought it was a pillow for tender bottoms. I had to explain to him that the donut shaped, cushiony craft I was working on was in fact a wreath.

First we used a large bowl to cutout the wreath shape.

Then I cutout the decorations and hot glued the embellishments onto the decorations. Then I hot glued the decorations onto the wreath. I stuffed the wreath with batting and then hand sewed it all together.

There. Now I don't have to worry about buying one for awhile.

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  1. I love your wreath : ) It is just perfect. And the greatest thing is that your girls helped you to make it! I read about you at Teacher Toms and came over to say hi. I must go read the article in which he was referring to. Your school seems like a very wonderful place!