Thursday, April 29, 2010

Birthday Celebration Number 1

When I was a kid my parents had a Polaroid camera. The immediate opportunity to see the picture just seconds after it was taken was so cool. Each time the rectangular shaped flash went off, my brothers and I waited for the ghostly picture to print out. The anticipation was exhilarating.

I still recall my mom eagerly fanning the foggy black image {a rudimentary way of expediting the development process} until the colorful picture came into view. Once the image materialized my brothers and I either laughed hysterically at our goofy expressions or we made fun of the one who messed up an otherwise decent shot. It was always in good fun.

The other day Alex and I put together a picture collage showcasing her interests, travels, family and friends in preparation for her preschool birthday celebration. This was not an easy task.

To start the project I had to go through hundreds of pictures that are kept stored on our computer, catalogued by year and then by month. Each time I opened a different folder I couldn’t help but reminisce. By the time I was done sorting through photographs and videos it was almost midnight. By morning I was thrilled to show Sammy and Alex the images I had re-discovered and they couldn’t have been more excited right along with me.

Now, each morning after breakfast, we huddle around the computer and giggle our way through months of pictures – it’s become our before school ritual.

And as for Alex’s preschool birthday celebration – it was great. Alex sat before her classmates and to the best of her ability presented the picture collage with a little bit of help from her teacher. After class each child went home with  sugar cookies decorated in pink and yellow icing.

My only hope is that by this time next year, my girls will still have the same level of enthusiasm for reminiscing as I do.

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  1. Alex did such a great job in front of the class and those cookies were gooood!

    I love that she called your mixer a "cookie machine!"