Friday, April 16, 2010

Birthday Streamer

Alex has a birthday coming up and I can't believe she'll be four so soon. Yesterday and today she rode her big girl bike all the way up to the elementary school to pick-up Sammy. I pushed her up the big hills and then held on to her when we went down hill, but once we got on the playground she zoomed all around, just as fast as her little legs could go, with very little help from me

At preschool the other day she made this beautiful streamer. She was reluctant to start the project until I whispered in her ear that if she made one, we could use it as decoration for her birthday. She loved the idea and soon got to work spray painting the streams of delicate white paper. I love it so much that I'll probably keep it on display even after her birthday. 

Alex seems to be doing so much on her own now -- riding her bike, making her very own birthday decorations. . .  pretty soon I won't be needed at all {sigh}. I do get to make the birthday cake though, so that's something.

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  1. I was the Art parent that day and Alex worked so hard on her birthday decoration. It was fun to watch! Then I got many of her sweet, "excuse me"s to find out where her particular one went. Luckily, I put her name on a piece of masking tape and placed it on her strand. Unfortunately, it was blue tape and didn't stand out against the 50 or so other strands that the rest of the class made. As soon as we found it, she ran to her cubby to "keep it safe". It's that determined Alex that we all love!