Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Sunshine On My Shoulders

Those of you who know me outside of blog land know that I do not worship the sun. In fact, most of the time you'll find me in the shade coated with gobs of sunscreen. I'm a true Seattle gal if there ever was one.

However, after months of gloomy days with no sun in sight even I, miss shade love'n lady that I am, wished for golden rays to dance on my shoulders.

Alas! The sun is here.

I feel like being silly. I feel like lounging in the sun to soak up the Vitamin D that I'm sure to be lacking. Upwards of 90 degrees is a little much, but it'll be 78 in the shade which is perfectly fine with me.

Oh happy days.


  1. I'll be under my patio umbrella for sure myself tomorrow! So glad the girls are having such a fun summer vacation.

  2. Does this mean I will see you at the pool this weekend?