Thursday, December 16, 2010

Suddenly I see

Hello Friends! I have a few things to tell you, but first I want to apologize for my errors. You've been so kind in sending me emails to let me know how much you've enjoyed reading my blog and I can't tell you how much that warms my heart. You've supported this tiny blog even though most of it is filled with the mundane of everyday living.. nothing special, nothing fancy... just life. While reading through some of my past posts I came across several errors that I hadn't noticed before, errors like he when I meant to say, the. Or isle when it should have been aisle, and then the worst, flower instead of flour -- oh dear. But, instead of making me feel awful, you lifted me up, and through the miracle of electronic mail, you sent me words encouraging me to soldier on, and so I do. I really must thank you for your willingness to ignore some many of my tisk tisks {insert finger wag here}. However, to that end, even though I've apologized for my errors, don't think you won't see them again... and again. If you cut me, do I not bleed?

Moving on...

Okay, now for what I actually wanted to share with you... Sammy hasn't been feeling well! She's been suffering quietly only giving me glimpses into her not so well-being when asked. Mostly she shrugs her shoulders and says she's okay. Then sometimes she gives in and says she's not feeling so well. The poor girl only has but one day to go and then she'll be in hog heaven... Winter Break!! And, I should tell you, though she's been quite subdued, she still has enough energy to power enough Christmas lights to illuminate an entire city. Which just goes to show you that when you're seven years old, mind over matter works like a champ. The break will give her some time to relax as she's worked so hard this year making time for studies before and after school and on the weekends. She truly has shown me that perseverance is the key to overcoming all obstacles. There's not a self-help book in the world that can teach me about endurance as poignantly as she has.

Meanwhile, Alex got a library card! The librarian all but insisted that she sign her John Hancock herself, and so she did... proudly. Alex has been writing with all her might sounding out each word with confidence and clarity.

I know this looks like, "Satin I love you Alex" but trust me, it's Santa, not Satin.

And finally, just really quickly, I want to show you where we are with our bathroom addition. It's coming along nicely....

You can see the toilet back there, and a wall and what will eventually be a door... and another door. I completely understand if you don't share my enthusiasm, but you must know that I am completely bonkers over our new addition. I'm so sick of us looking like clowns piling into a VW Bug every time we all end up in the bathroom at once. A family of four, living with one bathroom is beyond ridiculous, it's ludicrous. Wait, which is more zany -- ridiculous or ludicrous? Never mind, don't answer that.

I totally understand that when our home was built, some 70 years ago, a family of four lived quite comfortably with one bathroom. But, 70 years ago I bet the wife didn't sit in the bathroom mirror clutching a Chi flat iron while her husband stood over her slathering white goo in his hair just to give his hair the bed head look even though he just woke up. Completely bananas I tell you!! I'm probably embellishing a little here, but my point is: two bathrooms - awesome, one bathroom - not awesome.

The laundry room is also coming together nicely. That box leaning against the wall is a new fangled piece that I've named, In-Wall, Ironing Board. That's right. It looks like a cabinet door, but when you go to open it, an ironing board pops out. Brilliant!! I don't know why, but this In-Wall Ironing Board jobby is extravagant beyond my wildest dreams. Yes, I was thinking the same thing... another Gomer Pyle moment right? Gaawleee!! Shazaam!!

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