Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Trip to the Market

When the rains away, the people will play, and play we did. This afternoon, after a sublime yoga workout, me and my family went to the Pike Place Market... or as folks from out of town call it, Pike’s Place, to stroll through the tourist packed, narrow hallways filled with handcrafted trinkets and dried flowers. It was a chilly adventure so we walked hurriedly only stopping for the things that really grabbed our attention.

Oh and see those pink dots on the brick wall above the girls? Yeah, that's bubblegum. Ew.
We stopped in at a deli for warmth and hearty sandwiches.

People say Disneyland is the happiest place on earth but I disagree. It's obvious that those people have never been to Le Panier {A.K.A. Le Sweet Buttery Goodness}. 

We went to Golden Age Collectibles where Sammy found the Japanese Anime books she loves. Barnes & Noble only stocks a few but here, there are plenty.

Jon has scads of Bob Marley stuff. In fact, he has so much that I didn't think there was anything else left to get, but I was wrong... he didn't have a Bob Marley - Bobble Head doll, and now he does. Oh joy.

It's getting late, and I've had a long day. I've also caught the cold that the girls had and so I've been coughing up a storm. This morning at yoga I made it through the entire practice without coughing. I was so relieved. Then, at the very end when all was quiet and we were getting ready to say our Namastes, I coughed. Then I coughed again... loudly. It wasn't one of those dainty, 'scuse me types of coughs either. It was the loud, throaty, old man smoking a pipe type of coughs. Mortified

Goodnight friends. Time for me to take my cold medicine... the nighttime kind that causes drowsiness so that I can sleep through the night peacefully.

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