Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Hide & Seek

Alex didn't want me to take her picture.
So she decided to hide her face. {My goodness look at those thunder thighs. Clearly I need to workout! Goodness me.}
It didn't take much to capture this cheerful rascal. I only had to wait patiently, get down on her level and wait until she was ready to show herself.
Alex has been home from preschool for two days because of a tummy bug. On this day she was feeling well enough for story time but did not want her picture taken. She said it was snuggle time and not picture taking time

We found the most precious story about a little girl and a tiny sea serpent. The story begins when a little girl climbs into her tub and a sea serpent drops out of the faucet. Well of course she had to keep the cute little guy. When she asked how he got there, sea serpent explained that...

...a tornado lifted him into the clouds one day.
The clouds drifted over green jungles and silvery cities
and then rained down into a lake, where a pipe sucked him up
and whooshed him along
and splashed him down into her tub.

Eventually little baby sea serpent grows into a humongous grown-up sea serpent and has to return to the sea. It is  a heartwarming story about letting go, and by the end of it, Alex had water in her eyes. Then quick as a whip, she ran off with floppy unruly curls blowing in her dust. Quick little rascal that one is.

After story time, Alex was eager to build. I remained at a safe distance as she was still feeling hostile toward the camera.

When Sammy arrived home from school I attempted to make her my model, but she gave me the, "uh-uh... no pictures, Mommy."

These days I'll just have to take what I can get.

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  1. So sweet, whether or not they're cooperating for the camera! Hope Alex is all better now :)