Monday, May 16, 2011

Take 1, 2, 3....

On Saturday we took the girls to Maggie Bluffs for dinner. Maggie Bluffs Marina Grill is set on the most picturesque marina in Seattle's Magnolia neighborhood. On this early evening the sun was just getting ready to peak out from behind the clouds revealing the most beautiful muted azure sky. I saw this as the perfect opportunity to capture a cute photo of my girls.

Take one. Sammy was ready, but Alex wasn't.

Take two. Alex is almost ready, but Sammy looks away.

Take three. Alex has the happiest smile. Sammy sits up to get a closer look at whatever it was that caught her attention in the first place.

Take four. By now I've lost their attention completely.

Take Five. After I whined a bit, Sammy stood still.

Take six. Aaaaaaand, they're done.

And for something completely unrelated, Sammy asked me to tell you, "PEACE!"

Happy Monday, Friends.

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