Monday, June 6, 2011

Plant Rules

Whew! I thought it was never going to happen. I thought I'd be wearing rain boots for the rest of my soggy life, and then the clouds parted and clear blue skies rained down on me. Hurrah for Seattle!

Yesterday we finally tackled our horrendous front yard, chopping away at shrubs, pulling weeds and anything else that looked menacing. I have a No Feed The Ducks rule when it comes to plants: I'm not going to feed the shrubs because I don't want them to rely on me. If they can't survive on their own, then it's off to the big yard waste bin in the sky. And that's on them, you can't put that shame on me.

This shrub bit the dust not because it wasn't surviving well on its own, this one was surviving way too well. In fact, it not only survived but threatened to take over the entire yard, taking important nutrients and sunshine away from the less heartier plants. Because of this, it had to go. This is my Canadian Geese rule -- over populated and becoming a pest, so like the Canadian Geese, this plant had to go. Don't judge me.

While I was pulling up freakishly enormous weeds, the girls were squirting each other with water.

Jon brought out he heavy artillery for the most unruly plants.

Together, Jon and I managed to get our yard somewhat in shape, but in the end, it's gonna take a lot more than one afternoon to make a noticeable difference. I'm a fair-weather gardener, so if the sun isn't shining, chances are you won't see me pulling weeds. So weeds! You better hope for rain.

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