Saturday, August 1, 2009

A Recap of My Day

It's approximately 10:46 p.m. and I'm not at all tired and there's nothing to watch on TV and so I've spent the past 2 hours completely engrossed in a new book I'm reading. It's been so dang hot these past few days that I've been hibernating in the basement to keep cool and tonight felt a need to live above ground for a change. It's still hot, but not crazy, make the front page of every paper in the nation freakishly newsworthy hot.

Today my day started off fine, which is a good thing. I'm not a morning person just so you know. In fact, most mornings I'm down right miserable which makes me a Goonie when compared to the normal bright-eyed and bushy tailed bunch that is my family. They get up all "good morning" and smiley faced while I wake up with snake venom in my larynx. Don't even look at me or you're sure to get the skunk eye. Just let me have my double iced mocha in peace.

I offered the girls breakfast as usual but this time gave them the option of eating it downstairs while I attempted a bit of yoga to charge my batteries as if 8 hours of sleep wasn't enough to do the job.

After breakfast I showered, dressed, dressed the kids, slathered them with sunscreen, did their do's and we all went off to U-Village to buy a birthday gift for a young man turning 6.

I had no idea what I would get for this child. I knew he was totally and completely nuts over Star Wars so the natural thing to do would have been to buy him something well, Star Wars right? Wrong. Everybody and their mother (literally their mothers) would have come to this party with Star Wars toys all neatly wrapped in Star Wars wrapping paper so I had to go against the grain so to speak. I had to zig while they zagged. I couldn't show up with a duplicate gift. No way man. So instead I got him this super cool, insanely awesome rocket launcher. What 6 year old boy wouldn't like that? Cristin, you'll have to tell me how this gift went over. I fear I may have zigged a little too far off into the galaxy with this one.

The birthday party was held at a local beach where we all waded in the 3 feet of surf. It felt good to be in the water as the sun beat down on us like we were tar on the rooftops. Did I mention that it's been dang hot these days?

After the party, I decided to head back down to the basement to organize the kids toys. Littlest Pets go in this bin, Polly Pockets in that bin. As I'm cleaning, purging and generally organizing guess who comes tromping down the stairs? The girls. "Oh mommy, what are you doing?" They then proceeded to play with the piles of toys I had neatly arranged. I didn't want to interrupt their play since they very rarely play with their over abundant multiplying by the minute toys so I designated areas for them to play in so as not to upset the neat groupings I had managed to amass.

After organizing and cleaning up, I skulked up to the kitchen and pulled out a few cookbooks hoping to be inspired by something. I had no idea what to cook for dinner and it was 5:30 p.m. Oi. I didn't know what to do. Roasted Corn Chowder with Lobster sounded delightful and the glossy picture of the Peach Galette made me salivate. I proceeded to write out a grocery list minus the corn chowder ingredients but did include 6 ripe peaches. A girl has her priorities. When all of a sudden my husband declares, "Let's go to Burgermaster for dinner." Huh, what the . . . ? Burgermaster? Seriously? That's a first. So let it be written, in front of God and everybody, we went to Burgermaster.

I've never been in a Burgermaster which isn't me being snooty so much as it is me being against eating beef and pork. Well, I'm not against it, anybody can eat it as far as I'm concerned, it's just that we don't eat it. My family and I that is. Lucky for us they had chicken on the menu and a bunch of other stuff. Who would've thunk? We sat down to our chicken burgers or our Chickenmasters? Oh I don't remember what it was called but it was digestible. The girls ate chicken fingers and fries.

Right next door to the Burgermaster is Safeway, so after dinner we walked over to do a little grocery shopping. I got all the necessary household staples to fill the fridge and pantry (including the peaches for the Galette). I also bought a brownie mix, Duncan Hines, no Pillsbury, no it was something else, Devil's Food. Yes, that's it. I think. Anyway, we got home from the grocery store and I watered my newly planted flower garden and then set off to make brownies -- out of a box. All I needed to add was the 3 tablespoons of water, 1/2 cup of vegetable oil and 2 eggs.

Sounded easy enough to me until I discovered that I barely had 1/2 cup of vegetable oil. I filled the rest of the measuring cup with Olive Oil. I know the flavor will be compromised but I wasn't about to head back to the grocery store so it had to do. Fiddlesticks!

Again, I'm not being snooty, but I've only made brownies out of a box one other time in my life. I don't know why, it seems like a descent enough product it's just that the thought never occurred to me to try it again. Tomorrow we will dig into it and hopefully it will be good. If it isn't, then I'm giving up the box mix for good.

I put the girls down for bed after singing a few lullaby's and then went to reading my book. I took a brief pause to make, and then eat, a Root Beer Float. The Root Beer was flat as a pancake and the ice-cream wasn't all that. But together they satisfied by desire for sweet cream and fizz.

That now puts the timeline here to me writing this blog post. In conclusion, this was a nice Saturday. I spent time with friends and family, went out to dinner at a new restaurant (and I'm using the word restaurant loosely) and made dessert -- out of a box no less, for tomorrow and now Nirvana is playing on the radio. . . in the sun, in the sun. . .


  1. wow, lots going on there but I'm still clinging to the you got 8 hrs of sleep, and in a cool basement..what's that like?. You'll have to tell me how the brownies went! Hee he. I'm up at 2:33 baking a frittata for a work breakfast in my overly warm kitchen-geeze.

  2. I want to know what book you're reading!