Friday, September 4, 2009

Welcome to My Home

Over the past few months I've opened up my kitchen showing you some of the many recipes I've tried but I've yet to invite you into my home to show you more. Well here's your chance. My door is wide open. Please remember to take off your shoes and leave wet umbrellas on the porch. Come in, have a seat, the tea kettle is on and scones are in the oven. Stay awhile, there's no need to rush off. I'm here for the long haul. Welcome to the place I call home.Okay you caught me. That was a rotten prank and I'm sorry to have misled you. This really isn't my home honest and truly, it's more of a home in my imaginary world. So just for fun, play along with me okay?

This Dutch Colonial home is nestled in a little north end community called Jackson Park. I can't say that I've ever spent any time there, nor do I know precisely where this home is located as I've never actually stepped foot on the property. I've only seen it in pictures. It's been on the market for some time now and for a little less than $700K it could be mine, all mine. Unfortunately my pockets are filled with lint and hair ties which I doubt would make for an even trade. So I come here only via the world wide web. Wanna see more? Come with me, I'll give you a tour.These are original leaded glass windows.
Here you see the expansive living room. Wouldn't a large scale chandelier look divine in here?

I'm over the moon in love with these glass knobs. They're like diamond nuggets just waiting to be polished and used.

The little apartment above the storage shed would make for an ideal guest house or artists studio. I may just take up water colors someday, you never know.
This barn would be a playhouse. I'd keep the color and upgrade the interior in fun bright white. I'd have several windows cut in so I can hang bright playful turquoise colored panels. Bikes, scooters and all sorts of kid stuff would live here. And don't forget the kid's garden with sugar snap peas, cherry tomatoes and strawberries. And if the kids wanted to play with Play-Doh or paint, I'd simply say, "Sure, but out in the barn." No fuss, no muss.

My girls would live outside if they had a yard like this one.
At the end of the day, we'd climb to the top of the landing where we would stretch are arms high and let out the widest yawn before turning out the lights.
I hope you enjoyed visiting my home. I just love it here nestled far off into the woods though not too far from the city. I could still make it to Nordstrom and Target without traversing mountains or crossing rivers.
I will be envious of whoever gets this little gem. This house just needs a little love and attention, check and check, because I can give it oodles of both. Sadly it looks like it would be a huge undertaking both physically and financially. She sure is grand though. Oh and by the way, get your own dream home, this ones taken.


  1. I have several of these of my own...all including large expansive porches for reading on lazy afternoons complete with lap blankets and huge yards where I can have a garden, a few more pets including chickens, alpacas and a sweet potbelly pig perhaps. Dreaming is good, too bad my aspirations and dreams dont see eye-to-eye with my check book either

  2. My wife loves doing this too: she's a real estate hobbyist. As a guy with a house currently on the market, we derisively call you "looky loos." =)

  3. Love your house Maya- it is beautiful indeed. While reading your post and viewig the pictures, I could see you climbing the stairs calling the girls to dinner. I could see your girls running in the yard. I could even smell your pie's fragrance wafting through the splendid living room. I wish I had 700k to give you.