Thursday, October 29, 2009


Tonight is my daughter's preschool Halloween Extravagana and I needed to think of something quick to add to the dessert table. I've been sitting on this recipe for quite some time and decided to bust it out for this event.

This is not your regular Whoopie Pie recipe but rather a quick step version that looks and taste similar to the real deal. And because this recipe is so simple, even the littlest kids can help out -- just don't let them get too carried away with dusting the tops with powdered sugar. YIKES. We'll now be knee deep in powdered sugar for quite awhile I'm afraid. Alex is quite ambitious when it comes to sprinkling.


  • 1 box Devil's Food Cake Mix (Follow instructions on the back of the box **except** add only 3/4 C of water and 1 small package of instant chocolate pudding).

  • Drop by small spoonfuls onto parchment paper lined baking sheets. I used a small cookie dough scoop to make sure each cookie was similar in size and shape.

  • Bake at 350 for 8 to 10 minutes. I found that 10 minutes was just enough time to get them to set. Allow them to cool on the baking sheet before transferring over to a wire rack for addiitonal cooling. These will fall apart easy if they are still hot.

Once cooled, pile on the buttercream frosting or use Marshmallow Fluff as a filler. I try to stay away from Marshmallow Fluff just becuase it's so difficult to work with being so sticky and all, but if you have the patience for it, I'm sure it will taste great.

Then finally dust with powdered sugar. Have fun making these.


  1. these look good! i hope you made some extras

  2. absolutely darling. hope to make these myself. thanks for the recipe. mmm. mmm. just love the powder sugar shapes. nice work! happy haunting.

  3. Now I am definitely looking forward to tonight and I am stealing this for the Halloween party we are going to tomorrow evening as well. Thanks!