Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Fine Just the Way It Is: Wyoming Stories 3

Fine Just the Way It Is: Wyoming Stories 3, by Annie Proulx is a collection of short stories set in the grit and dirt of Wyoming. Here, Proulx writes effortlessly. She is a true raconteur with an acute knowledge of rugged life in rural country where horses are still highly prized and boots are worn out of necessity rather than fashion. Proulx is not known for writing happy stories, only stories that tell the truth and sugar coats nothing. Her voice authentically captures the attitude and swagger of ranch hands and homesteaders. Proulx has a way of kicking up dust with each syllable; tumbleweeds roll vigorously over every word.

Wyoming is working man territory with most of the woman putting Martha Stewart to shame. The stories are colorful and surprisingly involved for being such short stories. I suppose this is a testament to how much Proulx invests in each tale no matter the length.

These stories left me captivated and I wanted each of them to continue. Each story seemed to end with a hard stop which left me feeling obstinate in the worse way. If I couldn't get a full novel out of each story, then why bother. But the writing kept me coming back for more. I just wished it would have lasted a bit longer. I recommend this book if you are a fan of short stories and a fan of superb writing.

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  1. I didn't know about this book, but I'm like you, more of a novel reader. I loved Proulx's first novel The Shipping News. It had everything you write about here, without ending too soon!