Friday, November 27, 2009

Reflections on Turkey Day 2009

Every Thanksgiving I display the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade snow globe. This is the first year that I placed it where little fingers could reach it, pick it up and smash it to the ground. But that didn't happen. The girls were thrilled to see it, marveled at the little scene inside and then went about their business doing more important things like, playing with Littlest Pets and beads {those darn beads are everywhere. I'm thankful for them because they keep my girls very busy. I just wish they weren't everywhere I step foot.}.

I think watching the parade gave them a greater respect for the delicate ornamate and so they decided to leave it be. Alex exclaimed, "Hey, that's what we're watching on TV!" I couldn't get them to watch the entire parade {I thought the parade might be a good distraction to keep them out of my hair while I cleaned house and tended to last minute dinner preparations but it was not to be} so I left the TV on and every now and again the girls would run past it and glance at the massive balloons floating above the city.

I let the turkey breast stay in the oven just a wee bit longer than I should have. It wasn't the thermometer's fault, I just wasn't paying attention -- too busy drinking wine and chatting.

I am thankful that the turkey came out fairly well.

Each plate was adorned with handmade name cards. On the outside, a hand-turkey and on the inside, the guest's name. I didn't even ask for this, Sammy just did it on her own. I am a proud mother.

I'm not sure why the turkey is saying, "boo." I suspect it's just a leftover Halloween reference that Sammy decided to incorporate. Works for me.

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  1. This looks fantastic.

    The kids at school are still saying, "Boo!" as a form of greeting. Halloween is starting to last all fall!