Thursday, November 26, 2009

Getting Ready for a Joyous Evening

It's Thanksgiving Day and I'm sitting at my computer typing this blog entry which may seem like a crazy thing to do since I'm expecting to feed 8 adults and 4 children tonight. No worries. I finished all the side dishes last night and the turkey breasts are trussed, seasoned and ready to roast. I'm all done as far as I'm concerned save for a little housecleaning that shouldn't take too much time.

The other day my girls and I found these lovely fall burnt sienna, rust and gold leaves on the sidewalk in front of a coffee shop. We couldn't resist bringing a bushel of them home. Here's what we did with them. . .

. . . an autumn garland for the fireplace. We just strung these beauties onto fishing line {Alisha, thanks for the fishing line, I know I said I'd return it and haven't. It's come in handy for so many projects. I'll buy you a new spool, I promise. You're the best next door neighbor ever, and I'm not just saying that becuase you let me borrow the fishing line!}

I also finished getting the table ready for tonight's feast. I can't wait to see the food on the plates and the candles flickering. It's going to be a joyous evening!!

Here are some images from my table setting. I washed the tablecloth last night. I removed it promptly from the dryer and placed it on the table in hopes it would keep from wrinkling. Well, that didn't work. But who cares right? Oh who am I kidding, I may just get out the iron afterall. I don't know if the crinkle look is in this year.

And you should also know that this isn't my dining room. It's actually the formal living room that we transformed into a dining room. We do this every year. Our "regular" dining room space is quite snug making it difficult to seat 8 adults.

We swap the furniture from our living room with the furniture from the dining room. The dining room space becomes a cozy sitting area and then the living room, becomes the dining room. I love it because it means we get to dine in front of a roaring fire. {roaring may be stretching the truth a bit, but it is a fire nonetheless.}

Happy Thanksgiving!


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  2. IT was Beautiful, I admired the garland and table and felt very lucky to enjoy such a great meal. I've come to really look forward to the meal you prepare for us each year too at Thanksgiving. Way to Go Maya, it was Super, and Thanks for having us! My knuckles are dragging a bit this am as I'm writing this but once a year right.