Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tears On A Rainy Day

Alex has an ear infection. I got the phone call from our nanny while I was sitting at my desk in my downtown office. I felt so helpless but I knew Nanny would be able to handle the situation on her own -- she's dealt with worse. After a little Children's Tylenol and a few minutes of rest. {Yes minutes because her ear ached so much that she couldn't sleep}. 

Once I got home from work she was feeling a bit better but hadn't eaten much all day. She's entirely miserable the poor thing. And I'm sure the dark, rainy day didn't help much either.

Later in the evening when Alex was able to doze off on the sofa, she awoke, wailing with tears running down her face. And like the crazy blog lady that I've become, I started snapping pictures of her which only made it worse. I won't share those images with you as I'm sure they'll break you're heart.

Instead I waited until she was asleep for sure -- snug in her bottom bunk. Her face still a little moist from the tears.

Doctor gave us ear drops which I've tried to drop in every hour. Our girls have never had an ear infection before so this is totally new to us.

Alex asked if I would read her a story while she lay in bed. I thought Pinkalicious might be a good one considering it always makes her smile but she fell asleep before it ended. Little did I know that her big sister was listening in on our little storytime so I finished the story with an audience nonetheless.

Sammy requested that I include her in the blog post too. So here she is. What a ham. HA!

I do hope that Alex feels much better tomorrow. If not, we've got antibiotics to manage the pain. Wish us luck.


  1. Hi
    I'm so sorry to hear about Alex. Luc had an ear infection on Thanksgiving and took antibiotics. Ear infections are so painful. I'll be sending good thoughts you way.

  2. Give our little niece a big hug and kiss, tell her we're sorry she's feeling so yucky.

  3. Charise and Charlie, Alex is doing much better today. She went to school and everything. She slept with us last night and ran a fever all night and I think it did her some good becuase she woke up very refreshed. This experience has shown us how painful an ear infection can be. Now we'll know what to do the next time it happens.