Saturday, January 9, 2010

Friday Night Pre-Funk

It rained a lot yesterday which meant we had to get geared up for the soggy outdoors each and every time we left the house {we were on our way to Sammy's school dance}. Yesterday Alex decided to wear her candy cane striped hat that Nanny's mother knitted her last year. Nanny's mother uses mighty fine materials like cashmere, merino wool, and other lushes soft textures to create these adorable looks. You can see more beautifully knitted creations here.

What you may not know about Alex is that she thoroughly enjoys talking on the telephone. Not real phones, pretend phones. This is Alex chatting away to a "friend" while watching herself make all sorts of expressions on the phone. She'll gasp and say, "You're coming over? Let me ask my mom if I can have a play date." And then she'll gush and say, "Yeah, my mom says it's alright. Yes, I'll see you soon." The conversations get very involved.

Then she travels on over to the window to continue the conversation while inspecting the weather. Sometimes I wonder if she's actually connected with someone by the way she pauses and then says, "Uh-huh, I know, me too." I have no idea how she's able to carry on this imaginary dialogue for so long.

When Alex was about 2-years old, she used to pretend to eat snacks from her coat pocket. She'd pretend pop something into her mouth and proceed to chew as if she were really eating. I used to ask accusingly, "What did you just put in your mouth?" She'd just smile and then pop another imaginary morsel into her mouth and chew contentedly. That Alex is quite the character sometimes.

When we returned home, my rain boots were soggy, my coat was soggy and so was my purse. I placed a towel on the floor to catch the drips and then went downstairs. When I returned, I found all of our shoes placed carefully on the towel. I was a little freaked as I hadn't remembered putting all of our shoes there, just mine.

My first thought was, poltergeist, but then I remembered that in the almost twelve years of living in this house there has never been so much as a hint of paranormal activity. I realized it was simply my shadow moving shoes about. We'll just call this shadow, Alex. She saw me put my shoes there so why not move all the shoes there. Makes sense to me. It was still a little freaky though.

And who is this you say? No it's not the insanely badass lead vocalist from the band KoRn -- it's my first born, Sammy.

On Thursday she came home from school envious of another girl in braids and so, there you have it. Sammy in braids. Nanny didn't hesitate to get going on this project called, "Make As Many Braids As You Can." I think I counted 16. I'll admit that I'd love to record her belting out the Red Hot Chili Peppers hit "Give It Away" while thrashing her braids around  like Anthony Kiedis in the music video but that might be asking a bit much from a 6-year old.

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