Friday, January 8, 2010

What I've Been Up To. . .

. . . mostly nothing.

Right out of the 2010 gate I've been working day and night. Sometimes 24-hours just isn't enough time to get all that needs to be done, done.

Yesterday I started my work day at 7:30 a.m. and ended it at 10 p.m. and if that weren't enough, math was involved. Oh how I cringe at anything involving calculate'n, figure'n, equal'n and all that other craziness that for some people comes so natural.  

I've also been on the horn with doctors tyring to determine the best care for my daughter Alex who needs corrective cosmetic surgery on her ears. {It's much too long a story to explain here, but someday I'll give you the full skinny on the matter. Rest assured it is nothing life threating. Alex is just fine} That yellow scribble'n you see up there are my detailed notes from the schedulers at the hospital. Detailed? Yeah, right.

And then there is always housework to do. That never goes away. Everytime I turn around I find something else that needs tend'n to.

When I do get a chance to melt into my own private moment, I pick up this book. Ann Patchett's, Run. It was a birthday present from my uncle. I started reading it two days ago and now I can't put it down. I'll tell you more about when I'm done read'n it -- which will be soon.

As well, I'm reading Sammy one of the most awesome'st stories ever told -- The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster. I'm tickled just thinking about this delightful yet bizarre tale. I'll have more on this one later too. Just know for now that Sammy comes home from school, hands me this book and says, "read". I have no problem being ordered to read to her. I'm trying to stick to reading two chapters a night which I know just burns Sammy to pieces -- if she had it her way, I'd be reading to her all night. But I like to draw the story out bit by bit -- I think it's more fun to have something to look forward to each night -- if I shoot my wad all in one sitting, then what? {Oh and sorry to be so crude just then}.

And lastly, I'm trying to grow this orchid. My good friend Cristin gave this to me in November and now look at it. Poor thing didn't have a chance the moment it arrived. I've promised it time and time again that I'd take care of it and now look.

See what I mean, so much to do and so little time.


  1. Cut off that stem - to right below where it's dead. Water it every 10 - 12 days or so. Keep the window shade up. Feed it once a month.

  2. Thank you Livinia, I'll definitely give your suggestion a go. Can't hurt right? HA!