Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Window Shopping

This night I've spent most of the evening with my laptop doing a little online window shopping. Now that it's looking like spring is just around the corner I couldn't help taking a peek at what the shops may have in store for me this season. Here are a few things that caught my eye:

Painted Striped Boat Neck Shirt - Ann Taylor Loft - $39.50
Maddox Convertible Tote - Fossil - $188
Frye Shirley Riding Boots - Urban Outfitters - $388
Ruffled Henley Tank - J.Crew - $36.50

I found plenty more but this is all that I had the energy to post. I shouldn't be allowed to look at such beautiful things for fear some of this may end up in my closet. The blue bag is probably a little much for me as I generally like muted colors -- I like to stay hidden in the background. This blue might be a little too much "pop" for me but I adore the color nonetheless.

And I can't say enough about stripes and ruffles because I'm addicted to them. My husband and I walked past a store window and I saw a striped shirt I wanted so terribly bad and my husband said, "You have a shirt like that already." See, I can't get enough. And ruffles? Love'em.

The boots are just sick! I'd wear them everwhere and with everything.

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  1. Bags are suppose to give you that pop of color! Every woman should have a beautiful vibrant bag in their closet! I say treat yourself, but look at the Rack first, they have great deals on beautiful hand bags!