Sunday, March 21, 2010

All-Day Apple Butter

I should tell you that I was hesitant to post about this recipe because it didn't blow everyone away as I had hoped. Remember in my post about the Rice Pudding how I had used a recipe from All Recipes only to find that I relied mostly on the reviewers to ensure that the recipe came out right? Well I did it again. Same website, different reviewers. This time, I think I took too many comments into consideration because I can't remember which adjustments I made to the initial All-Day Apple Butter recipe. I know I used four large Fuji apples. I know I used less sugar and cinnamon than the recipe called for. I cooked it for the length of time required and then used my hand blender to get a nice smooth consistency. Other than that, I honestly don't know what the heck I did. All I know is that the house smelled wonderful all day and throughout the evening while the apples simmered away in the slow cooker.

My version of Apple Butter came out much too sweet. So much so that I had to spread it on very bland bread like English muffins or dry toast to cut down on the sweetness. I didn't take into consideration that the apples were already super sweet. If you're concerned about making it too sweet, just start with tart apples.

I feel like my last few cooking posts have been duds. I haven't made anything descent in a good long while. I guess that just means I need to keep at it. Keep practicing and learning from my mistakes. I'm bound to make something delicious soon.

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