Monday, March 8, 2010

Ultra Modern Coffee

I have been away from blogging for far too long. I was away on business last week and didn't bring my laptop. When I returned home, my daughter Alex was battling a cold -- nothing severe. It was just one of those colds that transformed her into a clinging Koala Bear. She just wanted to snuggle and blow her nose.  Then my husband brought home a brand new computer so I've been waiting for a chance to rest my fingers on our brand new keyboard. Ahhhh, it feels good.

So yesterday morning with sick child, no computer and weary from traveling I decided to make coffee using our ultra modern Chemex coffee maker. This beaker looking contraption brews incredibly rich tasting coffee that to me, taste better than any standard electrical drip coffee maker on the market. The only negative is that it takes more time to brew because you have to gradually pour hot water into the top and then let the water slowly drip down into the basin -- but once that's done the end result makes it all worthwhile.

Oh and did you see my new banner up top? Those are the cookies that I made for Sammy's half birthday party. I made a whopping 28 of them in varying colors and I think Sammy's classmates enjoyed them as there were nothing but crumbs left at the end of the day.

And, becuase I made more than enough, there were three leftover to enjoy later. Gotta love making those big batches.

We certainly looked proud, me with my camera and Jon taking video footage of the occasion. Alex standing there torn between whether she should eat her cookie right then and there or save it for later.

Have I told you about my love for all things school related. I loved this bucket of pencils. I just wanted to sit right down in a small chair and start on a project.

Helping Hands. Too cute. Now I want a Helping Hands covered cupboard in my home too.


  1. I loved the butterfly cookies right off AND the bucket of pencils. I was at HillTop Yarn on Queen Anne and almost called to see if you were free to join me. So sad, My favorite of all the Yarn shops in Seattle, and they're closing doors for good. Bellevue just isn't the same. They are going to have super deals on yarn though, if you need any. I'm feeling a girls knitting day comming on...I don't work till 4pm these days....whatcha think?

  2. Think I'm going to have to find one of those coffee makers, how perfect would that be for summer and for people like me who would drink a cup here and there. Thanks for sharing.