Sunday, May 23, 2010

Cranberry Almond Granola

Granola has got to be one of the most expensive products in the supermarkets. One box barely lasts us a week, not to mention the first half of the box contains solid oats while the bottom half is mostly crumbs. Its enough to drive someone completely mad.

Yesterday morning my husband asked me about a granola recipe that I found on First Look Then Cook

Months ago I told him how deliciously simple this recipe looked and he apparently stored that bit of information in his memory because yesterday he was all fired up about making it. I suppose he too was tired of the mediocre grocery store granola too. Hallelujah!
He quickly sprang into action buying all the necessary ingredients to make it. Mind you, he was simultaneously making homemade pizza too {sauce, dough and all}. That's right my friends, my husband made dinner and breakfast all in one swoop.

While he prepped the granola ingredients the simmering pizza sauce made our home smell like an authentic pizza kitchen.

After the toasted granola came out of the oven the girls came in with their noses in the air. "What is that delicious smell?" Cinnamon and honey perfumed the air and the smell of the pizza sauce mellowed. It was enough to make us all very hungry.

My husband dutifully followed the recipe and watched the granola bake making sure it didn't burn.

The cranberries added a sweet fragrance and a much needed color contrast against the honey brown toasted oats and nuts.

After the granola cooled, we all tasted dad's homemade granola. It was fantastic. It was so hard to wait until morning before we could dig in for the real deal.

After less than 24 hours, this is all that is left. Just a tiny handful at the bottom of the canister. My husband is so motivated to make more, and we're all motivated to eat more.

Today we took a trip to Costco {a place we only go but maybe five times a year} to buy nuts in bulk so we can eat homemade granola whenever we want. I doubt that we'll ever buy store bought granola again.

Thanks to Dawn's amazing blog, First Look Then Cook, our family now has a versatile granola recipe that we will certainly use for always.

Visit First Look Then Cook to find more fabulous recipes. This is one foodie blog you won't want to miss.

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