Monday, June 7, 2010

Blueberry Peach Crunch

Last week my friend Cristin invited us over for dinner. Cristin made, as usual, a fabulous meal but it was the dessert that kept me coming back for more {well I guess I had more than one helping of dinner too so in truth, the entire meal, dinner and all, kept me coming back for more}.

When we entered her home the aroma from the kitchen was heavenly. I think before I said hello, I said, what are you baking? It smelled so darn good that it clouded the part of my brain that controlled manners.

Cristin made a delectable Peach Crunch {A.K.A, crumble or crisp}. It was out of this world yummy and since then, it is all I can think about.

This morning, outside was saturated once again in gray. The rain drenched our beautiful city for I think the zillionth time this month so I felt a strong desire to bake. Now that Alex is out of school, she happily joined me in the kitchen.

Cristin told me that she used a recipe from Barefoot Contessa {here} that called for plums. Instead she used frozen peaches. So to replicate the dish, I too used peaches but also added frozen blueberries.

Alex mixed the flour, brown sugar and fruit together, then she topped it all off with the crumble mixture.

After about 10 minutes in the oven my house smelled like a bakery. And oddly enough, just as I was wrapping my arms around the sweet aroma, the sun came out as if to say, I smell it too.

The aromatic bubbly mixture and crisp topping was a feast for the eyes and all I could do was salivate. I let it cool on the counter and just when I felt I wouldn't burn my lips off, I took a quick nibble {with a big spoon}. Yup, just as I thought -- awesome.

Earlier in the day I sent Nanny out to buy new bowls for the girls. She came home with these adorable, strangely over-sized bowls. The dessert looked so tiny in them, which is a good thing considering how much I can eat. At least this way I can pretend to look as though I eat like a bird.

The monkey is my favorite.

We now have a pink bowl with bird motif, a green bowl with monkey motif, and then plain red -- which I love. From our brand new bowls we ate our dinner, and then our Peach Crunch. Versatile and cute, and only for $1.97 each at Target. Not bad at all.

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