Thursday, June 3, 2010

Completely Unrelated Things

Hello friends. I've got old news and new news for you today. First the old news.

I wanted to blog about my trip to Vital T-Leaf in downtown Seattle days ago but never found the time, so here I am today, with news from Sunday.

On Sunday we made an unplanned visit to Vital T-Leaf located near the Pike Place Market. I'm so glad we popped in because we all had a blast tasting all sorts of aromatic teas. Even the girls enjoyed sipping the different blends. The tea they liked the most was the Lychee Black Tea. It's sweet and fruity -- good enough served hot as well as cold. I'll be making gallons of Iced Lychee Tea this summer.

I'm such a sucker for anything involving sampling foods, wine, tea and so I'm just tickled that the girls liked this experience just as much as I did. My only regret is that I didn't bring my camera for I could have shown you all some fabulous tea displays and tea sets. The best part about this experience was the gentlemen who helped us -- he was a hoot. He spoke to the girls in the same manner as he spoke to me and Jon, never once discounting their taste or their feedback. He treated them like paying customers and I loved that about this experience. We walked away with his business card a large bag of Lychee Black and Oolong tea. I hope we can chat with him again on our next visit. He told us that he too has two girls only his aren't cute anymore because they're teenagers. HA! That cracks me up. He also through threw{darn you spell check}in a bag of Stevia -- a natural sweetener -- so we wouldn't have to sweeten the tea with honey anymore. Wasn't that super nice of him?

In more recent news . . .

. . . the girls went to the dentist this morning. I've never seen two little girls more excited about going somewhere. I was still at the car while the girls took off running toward the entrance.

The hygienist let Alex feel the rubber gloves just to make sure Alex was comfortable with having rubber fingers in her mouth.

Sammy has been to the dentist many more times than Alex so she already knew the drill. She just sat right down, slapped on the shades and relaxed while she waited her turn.

Both girls are comfortable while getting their teeth cleaned so the entire process for both of them took very little time. And I'm happy to report -- no cavities.

This was Alex's first time getting dental x-rays and she was totally in awe of the giant apron and x-ray machine. I thought it was pretty cool myself. I had to jump behind the little partition once the x-ray'n began but for the most part, I stayed right there with her.

I'm sure the large toy box is a big motivation for why my girls love the dentist so much. Nah, I'm sure it's the cleaning that keeps them coming back for more.


  1. oh, that sound so exciting tasting various tea.
    And the girls look so cute getting their teeth cleaned.

  2. I want to try me some Lychee tea!