Thursday, July 22, 2010

Easy Udon Noodles

The other day my friend Aya popped in for a visit. She and her son brought us the most delectable surprises: homemade Chocolate Banana Popsicles and Udon noodles with broth. I wish I had photos of the popsicles because they really looked mouthwatering. I did my best to savor them but simply couldn't and instead gobbled them up like it was my last meal. Hence the lack of a photo.

The Udon noodles hit the spot. I like my noodles al dente so there is a little bite and texture to them. I hadn't planned on making Udon so I raided my fridge for anything suitable to add to the meal. In my fridge I found fresh asparagus and carrots, which I cooked in the broth, then garnished with more fresh carrots, spinach and Nori {seaweed}. How simple, how tasty. Thanks Aya!!

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