Monday, July 26, 2010

More Summer Fun

Summer in the northwest is breathtakingly stunning and I can't think of a better way to experience the beauty of it all than taking a ferry ride. Seattle kept getting smaller and smaller as the Tacoma took us out into the sound on our way to Bainbridge Island. Good-bye Seattle, hello Bainbridge. Just a short 30-minutes away is this luscious paradise where you'll find sprawling estates alongside quaint cottages.

On Saturday when we arrived, the teeny island town was bustling with tourist and locals alike. The shops overflowed with sidewalk sale items, courtyards were alighted with folks seated around small bistro tables enjoying espresso and licking ice-cream cones. And as busy as this small town seemed to be, there was a noticeable quietness to it all. I didn't want to leave.

Both girls loved the ferry ride.

Isn't this bed just about the cutest thing ever? Just a hint of what you'll find in Bainbridge. Just about everything here seemed to be handmade by someone on the island or a neighboring town.

{Notice the deer in far background}

We enjoyed spending time at the Kid's Museum which opened last month. We were all surprised to see deer wondering close to the museum parking lot. The museum employees said it was common to see deer and that they hung around there all the time. I couldn't help thinking that I must have looked like Gomer Pyle -- wide-eyed with mouth wide open, "Gaawl-ly, is that deer over there?" I felt so naive.

We took a short hike along the marina and came across this lush garden where peaches grew. Again, another Gomer Pyle moment, "Surprise, surprise, surprise."

Sammy summed up our trip with these words, "I felt like we went on a vacation for a day." I think we all felt the same way. Where should we go next?

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