Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Last Night

Last night I had a few ladies over for a neighborhood soiree. It was so much fun. We sat on the patio sipping wine and enjoying each others company. The night air accompanied by a gentle breeze was refreshing to say the least. It was a beautiful night and the ladies . . . a hoot. These woman are smart, humble, hard working and each of them lead such interesting lives raising truly remarkable children. These are some joyful ladies alright and we can all stand to have a little more JOY in our lives wouldn't you agree?

When I heard the first knock on the door I was so excited to greet my guests and invite them all in. I was amazed by the bountiful bouquet of Hydrangeas that my friend Debbie brought for me, picked straight from her garden. The doorbell rang, this time it was Christine. . . with more Hydrangeas. I was truly delighted by the unexpected hostess gifts. I should also mention that Alisha brought salted caramels. Do you get the sense that my mouth is watering just by the mere mention of these delicious treats?

Sadly, like all good things, the party came to an end but with a promise that we would all meet up again very soon. Thank you 47th Street Moms for the fun night.

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