Saturday, September 18, 2010

Helping Hand's Day

Today was Helping Hand’s Day, or at least that’s what Sammy called it. We started our morning like any other until Jon came home with a truck. Not our truck, a friend’s truck. Our friend’s D & D were kind enough to let us borrow their super clean, super white, super unused looking truck so we could haul almost everything out of our cramped garage to the dump and to Goodwill. {No worries, D & D, we laid down a nice large tarp to keep your whiter than white truck clean. . . and white.} We started with loading the old grill that’s served us well for almost 12 years. Then we loaded up the old crib, car seats, and other baby stuff that we no longer need. It was sad seeing this phase of our lives being hauled away. Then miraculously, once the garage was sparkling clean and I could see the floor again, I felt happy. Hello floor, so nice to see you again. Hello old garden gloves that I thought I’d lost. Hello basketball, volleyball and baseball glove -- I didn’t know you were in here. Hello awkward, antique, Japanese Tansu Chest. We thought we’d get rid of you, but now that we have space for you, you'll get to stay.

Alex went with Jon to the dump and was truly excited to get to ride in the front seat. At the dump, a very nice lady gave Alex a recycling themed coloring book and crayons. Alex was kind enough to ask for another one for her big sissy. I think Alex held her nose the entire time she was there. Can you blame her? See that cute little braid in her hair? She keeps saying it's a dreadlock and I keep reminding her that it's a braid. Although, if you've ever seen me braid hair, you'd probably think it was a dreadlock too.

In the span of several hours today we: cleaned the garage, mowed the lawn, pruned hedges, weeded, grocery shopped, played at the park, dusted and vacuumed the living room and family room. By the end of the day, we were super tired. We ordered pizza then plopped down in front of the TV to watch a cake competition on the Food Network channel. Helping Hand’s Day is a lot of work and we managed to get everything done before the monsoon arrived. Hurray for Helping Hand’s Day!!

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