Sunday, December 5, 2010

Holiday Hoopla

Christmas in Seattle is beautiful, I'm convinced of it. The city is aglow with shop windows adorned with garland and twinkle lights. Shoppers press their cold noses against the glass and dream of Christmas morning. Most of us won't dare step inside some of these ritzy boutiques and prefer to be mesmerized from the outside far from the price tags and reality of it all. Some things are best left to the imagination.

At Macy's we're always the first or second in line... there's never a wait which gives us plenty of time for gazing at store windows displays.

I do believe in Christmas. I believe Christmas temporarily relieves us of some of the burdens of everyday life. We eat a little more and stand on the scale a little less. We spend more time with family and do so with a smile. I believe a lot of good comes out of the Holiday Season and I believe it can make many of our woes disappear for a short while.

My children still believes in Santa. I love seeing my children delight in the simple pleasure of writing a note to Santa and then dropping it the mail slot. I do hope that they never tire of the Holiday hoopla and that they always find pleasure in spending this time with family.

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