Sunday, February 20, 2011

Black Hole Sun

It's easy to smile at a flower when you haven't seen one in a while.

It was such a be-u-ti-ful day today to be out and about -- cold, but beautiful.

Today while reading Alex a story, she kept looking up at my nose saying, "Momma, you look like you have olives in your two noses." Which I think she meant my two nostrils. I'm certain that she doesn't think I have two noses. I don't know where she gets these things from, but by the looks of this next picture, I'd argue that she is the one who appears to have olives in her two noses... or something else. Ew.
Today we went to Volunteer Park where Alex fell as we started making our way toward the play area. She scraped her leg a little on the empty concrete wading pool. Poor thing.
I know by the looks of things that this place appears somewhat macabre, but trust me, it isn't. It really is a nice park nestled under the trees and yes, adjacent to a cemetery. The girls were having way too much to let a dusty old cemetery ruin their fun.
We made our way to the conservatory where we were able to warm our cold noses and hands.
Then it was back outside to checkout this structure -- Black Sun. Black hole sun, won't you come... wash away the rain... black hole sun...

The Water Tower is like out of an old fairy tale and the girls didn't hesitate conjuring up all sorts of scary ideas about ghosts and goblins. After having just played in a park near the cemetery I think it's strange that they chose this place to get all Vincent Price.
Alex was reluctant to descend the narrow stairwell and I thought it may have had something to do with her impaired vision, but now I think the perilous steep decline is what contributed to her fear. I held her hand the entire time.
Upon exiting the water tower, the girls were ready for a snack and were also ready to go home.

Alex curled up with Dad for stories while Sammy helped me fold laundry.
Folding laundry got old real quick. Evidently, it's much more fun to dress bear in dad's gloves. Even up until bedtime the girls were having fun.

I'm so tired tonight. I'm ready to watch TV -- I think the second reunion episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta is on tonight. "Glonk!"

Sweet dreams, friends.


  1. Your photography is GORGEOUS! You are so talented. Loved the family laundry too. Ours ended with Anna and Will putting (clean) Dad boxers on their heads and torsos. They were laughing to hard they were crying. I was crying because for CRYING OUT LOUD, CAN I JUST GET A LITTLE HELP AROUND HERE WITHOUT YOU TWO PUTTING UNDERWEAR ON YOUR HEAD? :)

  2. Sarah, Sammy did play with dad's underwear and I really wanted to show pictures of her holding them up and laughing but I didn't think my husband would like that. HA!! Sometimes "kid help" is like no help at all, but at least there is always a good laugh to make the work seem less arduous. Thanks for your comment Sarah!!!