Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Snow, Butterflies and a Big Bug

I hadn't planned on telling you about this evening but the weather has gotten us all a little jumpy. You see, we have plans to travel to the ocean in a couple of days and now with the threat of snow {or, Storm Watch 2011 as I'm sure every local TV news will be reporting} we may have to put our trip on hold. We went to the ocean last year around this time and we couldn't have asked for better weather. I certainly wasn't hoping for the same forecast this year, but the thought of snow never crossed my mind. February last year felt like summer vacation. See images {here}.

The girls are hoping that it doesn't continue to snow, but tonight when the snow started to stick, they ran to the door to put on their boots. They didn't even stop to put on their coats!! 

We long for snow every year, but this year, it may just ruin our vacation! I do wish for sunnier days, or at least sunnier days for the next 5 days.


Now for what I really wanted to tell you about....

Yesterday I had the day off and had the privilege of spending the entire day with my girls, a friend and her two daughters. We spent the majority of the day at the Science Center where the children had their fill of just about everything this planet has to offer.
This sweet little guy came wearing a shirt advertising his temperament and so I kept my eyes on him as he looked as if he might swat the very butterfly that Alex was trying to coax to land on her. Lucky for us, this cutie kept his distance admiring the butterfly from a safe distance.
The butterflies were out in full force showing off their colorful wings as they flit weightless from flower to flower.
This Madagascar hissing Cockroach is no beauty queen -- I was underwhelmed by it to be perfectly honest with you. Alex on the other hand, loved it.
If I were to tell you about some of the crazy things my children do, you probably wouldn't believe me. Trust me, I really wanted to Purell her mouth!

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