Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Our Trip to the Beach

We arrived at our snow chalet beach condo safely after a careful drive through treacherous snow covered highways. The roads were lonely at times with only a few snow plows indicating signs of life. It was especially disquieting whenever a large SUV came barreling up behind with the quickness of a hawk honing in on its prey. Though unlike the hawk, the SUVs just sneered at us before darting ahead, leaving us in a wake of dirty muck and slush. For the most part, it was a quiet uneventful journey with a few giggles and/or screams coming from the backseat. To keep our minds and mouths busy, we read books, snacked on Red and Black Vines, talked, listened -- and sang along, to the music playing on the radio. To keep warm, because I’m always cold no matter how high the heat is cranked up, I settled into the embrace of heated leather seats. The car rambled over wet snow, ice, then smooth pavement over and over again until we finally reached the end of the road – the beach.

The beach could not have been more contrary to the road on which we traveled. The beach was bright, sunny and tranquil. Tufts of snow dotted the seascape as a clear reminder of what time of year it actual was. We settled effortlessly into our cozy ground floor condo where through the sliding glass door we could see the tall grass and meandering trails that would be our guide to the beach. The otherwise wheat color grass lay stiff, tangled in knots of snow, which made them look like colossal balls of yarn. The ground was hard, the sand, unmoving beneath our feet. And though we’ve been to this place before, it was like being in unchartered lands – with cold gales blowing over all manner of land and sea everything seemed to have taken on a different hue and texture – even the sky, though blue as ever, was overshadowed in part by frothy clouds the color of cream with slightly cappuccino edges. It really was breathtaking.

We dropped our bags, stretched our legs and hiked all of two minutes or less, to the beach. I tell you it was remarkable. The ocean.

We stepped out of the grassy, snow covered dunes, and alighted onto a vast ocean illuminated by a welcome ray of sunlight. It’s strange to see sand and snow collide, each one seemingly to encroach upon the other. And even though it was cold standing there on the beach, it was pleasant and so much fun. I really wish I could go back tomorrow.

It felt good to come home to a hot meal.

At night the vibe changed. It was all about the arcade...

... and the ice cream.

We slept soundly and by morning were ready for another day at the ocean.

And then it was time to head out to the dunes.

 These rolling hills of sand made us all very tired and hungry and thirsty.

We normally buy the microwave popcorn but thought it would be a hoot to introduce the girls to stovetop Jiffy Pop. The girls thought it was funny, but I think Jon had the most fun making it.

The next day, we made our way into town where we stopped at the most delightfully untidy used bookstore. I love it -- it's just like me, all scatter-brain and unorganized. When we walked in, the shop owner asked, "Is this your first time here?" I told it wasn't and that it was our second time. She kindly offered us the "repeat customer" discount, which I'm sure she offers to anyone who walks through her door.
This guy made a name for himself by making large peanut butter cups and dipping Twinkies and Bacon in chocolate. Had I known that this was all it took to become famous, I'd a dipped fried chicken and pork rinds into chocolate a long time ago. He charges $4 for the gigantic peanut butter cups -- wow.

It was also really relaxing to just stay indoors reading and watching the girls play.

The trek home was much easier, by then the snow had melted. We got home in record time and even though we had such a blast at the beach, it felt good to be home.

Sammy has always been our beach girl, so I think she had the most fun!!

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