Friday, May 6, 2011

Science Night and a Grabby Toy

Science night was a major hit! Sammy worked tirelessly on her Cat Facts project and in the end, her hard work paid off. She answered all questions with confidence and didn’t scold me once when I interjected to help correct clarify an answer. Every child that participated clearly worked hard on their presentation and it showed.

There was the ubiquitous volcano eruption, the rocket displays, the solar system and an awesome robotic Lego contraption that sorted m&m’s by color. {The dad says his son worked on it all alone but I suspect he had help.}  

There was a real life cosmonaut who gave an informative lecture about space travel and science. It was empowering to see all the girls in the audience hanging on to her every word.
As most of you can tell by this blog, I’m not a very smart cookie, so it was intimidating at times to see these children engaging in such a cerebral event. I had a ton of questions for these kiddos and they happily explained their projects with enthusiasm. I can honestly say that I learned a thing or two last night.
At the end of the evening, I sent my little scientist to bed with a kiss on the forehead and a heart felt congratulations. Sammy is such a smarty.

Moving on....

Alex got a one of those grabby toys for her birthday and now she and Sammy think they can grab just about anything.

I put the Khabash on this real quick. There will be no grabbing of glass, heavy objects, objects that are far too high, objects sitting in windows, objects in someone else's hands when they aren't looking, hair, body parts, etc. They're basically down to grabbing stuffed animals. Boy do I know how to take the fun out of a new toy!


  1. I never knew it as a toy for the longest time. When my parents were in the hospital at various times, they used one ...and the children LOVED it!

    Wonderful memories of science fairs from long ago with our children. (They will be 35 and 40 this June!)

  2. Ha, this made me laugh so hard! And, how wonderful that Sammy loved science night. Makes me miss my job!

  3. @Marie, I'm 41 years old and I still love grabbing stuff with this toy!! HA!

    @Shelly, I bet you were a super teacher. Your kids are lucky that they have you all to themselves.

    Happy Mother's Day ladies!