Sunday, May 1, 2011

Cookie Crown Cake

Hello friends.
I hope this post finds you in good spirits after tonight’s news from our president.
Today Seattle shone bright with nary a cloud in the sky or the slightest hint of precipitation. My cheeks are sun-kissed and my arms finally felt warm enough to do without sleeves. I dare say that if weeds could sprout legs and run away they surely would have because today... today I came at them with the strength of a hundred men. I’m a fair weather gardener and as soon as I was assured that no rain would fall on this head, I grabbed a trowel and went medieval on their arses. They never saw me coming!!
Overjoyed as I was, cleaning my nest one weed at a time, and carelessly frolicking in sunshine that might very well have been fairy dust considering how unbelievable it was, the news over this past week has left me in a state of lament. News this week, including up until only a few hours ago, has covered a spectrum of emotional topics and now I’m afraid my post is coming to you infinitesimally insignificant by comparison. I wanted to tell you about Alex’s big FIVE birthday and also salute briefly the matrimony of William and Kate. Instead I am at a loss for words and can only describe that my emotions are varied oscillating between elation, and sadness. Even still, I shall do my best to keep this post upbeat.
Months ago Alex made a request for a princess birthday cake and to my chagrin, I searched my heart and my mind for a way out of doing this. I’ve got nothing against royalty, I recorded and watched the royal wedding all the while swooning over every detail; I just didn’t want to make a Disney birthday cake. So instead I found this surprisingly simple cake design that I just knew would be acceptable for all parties involved. The Cookie Crown Cake also couldn’t have come at a more appropriate time. Did you watch the royal wedding? Wasn’t it breathtaking?! And that Kate could not have looked more stunning! So even though I made this cake for Alex, it was also a nod to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.
To learn how to make the Cookie Crown Cake, please click on the following link {here}. The beauty of this design is that you can use box cake mix and cookie dough or make your own cake and cookies as I did. Either way, the presentation is great!!!


  1. That looks fantastic!!!
    Your newest follower!!

  2. Thank you, Michelle. It really was a hoot to make. :)

  3. I love this cake can you tell me how you made it?

  4. Anonymous: Here is the link to where you can find instructions on how to make this cake - just copy and paste into your browser:

  5. Love love love this cake!!! It looks like the link was taken down...and I'm just wondering how you made the matching cookies with the heart up top to create the crown! Did you buy a cookie cutter like that? Or did you somehow make the cookie cutter yourself? Would love to make this cake! Thanks!