Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Green Scene

Sand Point-Magnuson Park at one time used to be a Naval Air Station. Here you see "Kite Hill", a large grassy man-made hill that was made from pieces of the old aircraft runway.

The Fin Project is part of the public art at Magnuson. The solid, onyx, fin structures protrude from underneath the ground in juxtaposition of the surrounding green area and is a bold reminder of the previous inhabitants of this park.


  1. The Fin Project is one of my favorite pieces of public art in Seattle. They're the tail fins of war planes, but they always remind me of a pod of orcas.

    There's another amazing collection of outdoor art at the NOAA facility adjacent to Magnuson Park. It used to be easily accessible to the public, but that was prior to 9/11. I think you can still see them -- and let the kids climb on them -- but you have to make arrangements.

    The piece called "Soundgarden" (which you can see and hear from the Magnuson dog park) was the namesake for the band. when the wind blows it makes strange sounds. It's really bizarre to listen to it on a stormy day.

  2. Tom, I'm glad you mentioned the pod of orcas. When I see the fins I always think of airplanes but I forget, when I'm there with my kids, that they might be seeing something entirely different. I am impressed with the art because it ties in so nicely with the flight of the kites and the feeling of weightlessness as me and my girls go running down the hill -- almost as if we're going to take off. It's a nice place to just imagine. . .