Monday, November 23, 2009

A Memory Party

The party is finally behind us and I haven't stopped smiling since Saturday. My husband and I had so much fun celebrating our 40th birthdays it's ridiculous. We shared this day with so many friends {and some family}who brought with them big hugs, laughter, joy, stories, new news and oodles more.

I always look back at events like this wondering whether or not I spoke and made eye contact with everyone. Did I mingle evenly throughout the crowd? Did everyone eat and drink and have fun? I certainly hope so. There was a full bar so I'm hoping that if my hostessing skills waned, at least my husband's bartending skills fortified everyone's joyous mood.

We served appetizers that I finally got to nibble on toward say, midnight. Before then, I was too excited to eat.

We ordered a cake from Madison Park Bakery and let me tell you that I was less than pleased when I finally took a gander of the design. Without going to the bakery and talking with someone in person, I called the bakery and ordered the cake. I won't even mention how much the cake cost and will just leave the amount as -- significant. I explained that I wanted an elegant white cake, with minimal flowers and embellishments as this would be for me and my husband. I didn't want a girly, tea party cake. The woman that took my order said she knew exactly what I wanted and that she would create an elegant, gender neutral chocolate with white buttercream frosting cake.

Instead, what we got was exactly what we didn't want: a girly, tea party cake with pastel flowers. My husband wasn't the least bit happy about this and I too was feeling a bit duped. I said I would call the bakery and give them an earful for what they'd done.

After explaining this story to our good friend Mark he reminded me of what this occassion was all about. It was about the memories. He flat out said, "Don't call the bakery. Look at the situation and see it for what it is -- a memory. In a few years you'll look back on this day and go 'remember that tea party cake we ordered' and have a good laugh." I thought about this for a second and realized he was right. No harm was done. We all had a good laugh.

My husband made Pomegranate Martini's. They were divine. He pre-mixed the ingredients in this lovely glass pitcher and was able to knock these things out in a moments notice. We drank these all night. And while we had loads of wine and beer and other libations to choose from, the party favorite {for both men and woman I should say} was this pink martini.

I wonder why I don't see more men ordering these in restaurants and bars? They are so pretty.

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  1. Congratulations Maya and John on your 40th birthday!! Looks like you had a beautiful party!