Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I'm Happy

I often imagine what Christmastime will look like long before the day ever arrives. I wonder if the kids will be happy and if it will snow. I visualize where I'll put the tree and where to display cards. I always think of the big picture, not the little stuff.

When the day finally arrives it turns out that the smallest moments are the ones that fill my heart most of all. Watching my children play happily at the park is always a good way to start the day.

We went to the Woodland Park Zoo and as I was photographing the children jumping across large boulders a man walked over and said, almost in a fatherly way, "Get in there, I'll take the picture." I did what I was told, handed over my camera, and put on a big happy face.

And I really was happy.

The big cozy scarf is a Christmas gift from my mom. It's cableknit and it kept me super warm. Thanks mom for another much needed winter accessory. I love it.

We played at the Zoo and for the most part smiled the entire time. That is, until Alex took a wee tumble off of the play structure.

Alex put on a good sad face for us. In the end, she was just fine, not a scratch on her. She was off and running again no problem.

In between the outdoor fun, the girls had some quiet time in front of the TV.

Jon bought me a new camera for my birthday/Christmas present. Alex is reading up on how to operate the dang thing.

While I hoped for snow, we didn't get any. Instead we got a beautiful blue sky which made spending the days at the park and Zoo so much more enjoyable.

A few days before Christmas we went inside for some snow.

These small moments were the highlights of my Christmas. I hope you too found joy in some of the small moments happening in your life.

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  1. Your work on the big stuff makes the little stuff possible. It looks like a fantastic Christmas all the way around. And fantastic pics, Jon done good!