Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Remnants from Valentine's Day

I just had to show you the art that Sammy created at Girl Scouts last week. The dainty red ribbon wrapped tightly around the spool makes this otherwise plain wooden object look pretty enough to display. The whimsical paper flowers dangling on the tips of green floral wire appear as delicate as the real thing. And the little red buttons tie it all together. How simple -- yet it appears so involved.

On a completely separate note. . .
I bought a journal. {As if blogging isn't enough.}

Blogging is a great deal of fun for me becuase it allows me to escape into this happy place where everything appears sweet and all tied up in a bow but I've got other things on my mind too. Things that I don't necessarily consider suitable for this Clorox bleached space.

I've never kept a written journal for more than a week or so because I easily become bored with my own ramblings. Etch-a-Sketch is probably the best desrcription of my previous journals. Now that I've reached the ripe old age of {eh hem, clear my throat} forty, I'm interested in exploring some of the more intimate aspects of my life as a sort of self reflection and discovery. Sounds salacious I know but trust me it isn't. Hardly. There are just some things that work themselves out better on paper. I think.

Like for instance, the other day I thought I saw a wrinkle and had it in my head that I needed to run to the nearest drugstore to purchase copious amounts of anti-wrinkle cream in the event that another crease develop right before my eyes. I blinked and then the "wrinkle" was no longer. It was just my mind playing tricks on me causing me to sink deep into a vapid depression. It's this type of stuff that I'd write about. 

Possibly I'd write about the simpler things in life like pulling weeds from the garden or sipping tea while sitting on the front porch watching the cars go by. In any event, I plan to write something. Maybe not today or tomorrow -- someday.

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  1. sometimes a journal just helps you sort things out too, when I'm really feeling "off" I keep a journal.