Monday, February 22, 2010

Summer in February

Yesterday afternoon we arrived home from a four day vacation to the Washington coast. The weather was phenomenal and unseasonably warm. The sky was blue; the water was warm and the beach pristine. It was not easy to say goodbye to this place. We delighted in just about everything there was to see and do here during our brief stay. I hope the following images will give you a good idea of how our trip went.

Our condo sat behind a sand dune that was covered in this tall grass. I loved our walks from our room to the beach.

Once we made our way through the tall grass we emerged onto the open beaches that truly went on for miles.

The girls found a piece of wood that they tried to use as a surfboard. Needless to say, they never caught a wave.

Have you ever experienced a better playground than this? We could have spent the entire day here but there was so much more to see and do.

We hiked. . .

We examined nature. . .

We visited lighthouses. . .

We crossed bridges and walked along serene paths. . .
We discovered makeshift, beach shelters and structures. . .

We had so much fun. . .

The girls lamented on how they wished they could live at the ocean. We enjoyed every moment of our trip and hope to do it again real soon. I doubt we'll ever get a another summertime in February but it was sure fun while it lasted.


  1. IT would be so much fun if you could join us sometime. We are planning on June for Doggie Olympics, but Kite Flying Festival and the SandBlast/sand castle festival all worth going too. The website is great for event planning. We always have fun, no matter the weather. I'm so very happy you guys went too!

  2. Charlie, I am so glad we went. It was beautiful beyond words. We had fun each and every day and the best part was that everything was family friendly. I'd love to go with you guys and pets. We are thinking of maybe going back during spring break. We'll see.

  3. cool. we'll have to try to mesh schedules sometime to go.